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We’re a team of business psychologists helping you select, develop and engage your people to be at their best. Have a peek or a listen to find out more, or join us on one of regular online events.

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A bit more about us

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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    We’re a team of business psychologists who help companies select, develop and engage people to be at their best.  Whatever your challenge with recruitment, succession, engagement, retention, learning and development, we can help.

    We look at things with a fresh perspective and focusing on people at their best has led to new ideas on how we recruit, develop and manage people – in our own team and for our clients.  Backed up by our research, we see the benefits of taking a more values-centred and positive approach to everything we do.

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    Select the Best

    Roughly half of our work is about selection: helping companies develop recruiting frameworks or processes, job analysis, writing assessment centres and building interview capability.  We can work with you in partnership, or you can outsource work to us – whatever works best for you.

    We help answer questions like: How do we know what to select for?  What makes our best managers?  How do we measure the behaviours we’re looking for?  How can we build an assessment centre that really works with our time, space and budget limits?

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    Develop your Talent

    In order to learn, apply new skills and deliver evident behaviour change in the workplace we need to overcome a few obstacles. We find that traditional training delivers some knowledge and at times some skill development, but it rarely delivers the behavioural that our clients are looking for.

    So what tools and techniques do we use in our development programmes?  Well it depends on the specific objectives each business has and also on the culture of the team or organisation.  Some approaches work really well in certain settings and fall flat in others, so we adapt according to the people we’re working with.

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    Engaging your Talent

    Measuring and improving employee engagement seems in many places to have become a focus on its own, separate from the business plan and specific objectives.  Our approach is to tie the two together and deliver sustainable tools for managers to deliver better engagement every day.

    Our starting point is to understand where you are, what you’re looking to achieve and therefore how we can help.  It’s in these early conversations that we really get a sense of you and your business.  So drop us a line, tell us a bit about what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll bring along our favourite coloured pens.

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  • Totem understand our business and have credibility at all levels

    Lisa Monteith, Director of Talent Acquisition, Kantar

    Cuts through to the core of an issue and helps anyone work through to a solution.  That inspires confidence in us working with the team, as we can see that Totem understand our business and have credibility at all levels.

  • Going above and beyond…

    Laura Barnes, Resourcing Manager, Dixons Caphone

    They (Totem) seize every opportunity to learn more about your business and by doing so are able to support projects... going above and beyond the original scope.

  • A rare willingness to genuinely tailor their input to our specific needs

    Bishop Mike Harrison, Church of England

    Some of the distinctive characteristics of Totem Consulting include a careful listening to us as clients and a rare willingness to genuinely tailor their input to our specific needs.

  • Totem took the time to really understand (our) culture

    Steve Weller, CEO, uSwitch

    Totem took the time to really understand (our) culture, flex to our needs and continuously improve the programme - reflecting our own agile principles.  I highly recommend working with them.

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If you have any questions regarding our work, or how Totem might be able to help your company, feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below. We love talking to people!

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