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Being Happy

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There is a lot of research and a range of postulations about the nature of happiness out there.   Some people say that it is just a hedonistic pursuit and unrealistic or certainly unlikely to be sustainable.

Others suggest that being happy has a real impact on what you do in the workplace.  Our review highlights three characteristics that are seemingly common to published theories and conceptualisations of happiness:

  1. Positive relationships – that help to create an enjoyable and productive environment
  2. Personal growth – that help increase our competence and ability to deal with challenges
  3. Positive mind-set – creating our lens and helping us to get the most out of every situation

Our happiness appears to really impact our productivity and the contributions that we make at work plus it creates a sense of inner harmony and peace so developing these three areas will be worth it.

Positive relationships are characterised by trust.  We can build trust with people by developing: credibility – showing skill and dedication to our activity; respect – acknowledging others’ input and viewpoints; and fairness – by treating people consistently and explaining the reasons for our actions.

Unsurprisingly, we have these fabulous articles on trust here and here!

Personal growth is about developing our skills and competence as well as fulfilling our potential.  So we can look for opportunities to develop ourselves and enhance our skills.   There are so many ways we can do that but taking a step back and understanding the purpose in what we are doing can help bring some growth and fulfilment to even the smallest of tasks.

That step back is also part of the lens or mind-set that we have.  Your mind-set can change how you interpret the world so that even troublesome situations or repetitive tasks can contribute to our happiness.   Dedicating ourselves to constant learning, recognising our own personal impact on our current context and challenging ourselves to see the bigger picture are all signals of a positive mind-set.

So if you’re not feeling too happy at work today, reflect on those three factors:

  • What interactions have you had today? How can you make them more positive?
  • Can you identify what you have done to develop today? What have you learnt?
  • Could you interpret things differently? What has been your personal impact today?
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