25-strategy-tools-totemThe Idea: Business strategy is not complicated.

We love this book, but it doesn’t sugar coat it’s feelings about consultancies!

Management consultants make it sound complicated to justify their fees, but in fact the process of exploring what to focus your attention on, how to manage risk and grow your company sustainably – all comes down to a series of relatively simple steps in thinking and analysis. Use the tools in this book to help you plan your strategy.

On occasion you will simply have some good questions to reflect on, but often you will also need some analysis of your market data, sales, profitability and carefully considering how you break all of that down into suitable chunks.

The Action

If you have a fear or dread of the term business strategy, your action is to face that fear. If you just read “market data” and “profitability” and could feel the blood draining from your face, then be aware that it is probably your fear of these words that is stopping you from being successful.

What if you believed that profitability was simply a concept you could learn, understand and use to make decisions? What if you translated terms like ‘market analysis’ into things that are more meaningful for you, like ‘looking at who buys our stuff and finding out more about them.’

If you don’t fear these words, but you’re not sure what you should be doing, then pick up a copy of this book to help you go through, step-by-step, analysing your business and choosing how to run it more effectively.

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