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Starting-Blocks21 400x265Accelerated Learning and how we’ve applied it.

If you’re reading this because you’re a HR or L&D professional – you’ve probably heard the term “accelerated learning.”  It’s one that is not new but I think is rarely fully understood.

This week I have had the privilege of really letting loose with it and seeing that the outcome was outstanding.

So in case you’ve not come across Accelerated Learning, let me do the intro bit.  At its core, this is about delivering practical behavioural change and performance improvements through better learning practices.

It is not good enough to find a training course interesting or reflect on some models and tools you have remembered.  Effective learning means we are changing the way we do things and seeing better results.

To accelerate this, we need to engage mind and body.  When have you ever gone on a training course or event and thought, “ooh I really look forward to sitting on my backside and listening to someone drone on for hours….”


Totem Lollipops

Getting up, feeling energised, getting involved in debate, moving around – these things contribute to our learning.  I won’t bore you with the science here to back this up but there’s tonnes of it – just google Accelerated Learning.

So this week, rather than inject the odd little bit of this into a workshop – I went full steam ahead with a complete buffet of AL tools and techniques.  We had fun, we opened our minds, we learned new things and man did we walk away fired up.

I can’t wait to take what I learned from other delegates in the room and the experiences we shared into next week’s management development workshops.   It’s going to be an Accelerated Learning November!

What has been your experience?  What are your favourite activities and tools?