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Virtual Train the Trainer (was £30)


Train-the-Trainer: Running Workshops Online Nov 11th 19.00-20.30 GMT How do you take your face-to-face workshops and adapt them to work well online? Or if you’re designing something from scratch to [...]

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Confidence & Gravitas (was £30)


Confidence & Gravitas Nov 18th 19.00-20.30 GMT The great news is, contrary to many people’s beliefs that some people are just “born with it,” gravitas is something we can all [...]

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Active Bystander (was £30)


Active Bystander: The Step Beyond Unconscious Bias Nov 25th 19.00-20.30 GMT Over 90% of the decisions you make every day are unconscious. Which means those decisions will be driven by [...]

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Building Relationships Virtually (was £30)


Maybe networking has never been your thing. Maybe you were working on it pre-lockdown. But how can you do it now? Nov 26th 19.00-20.30 GMT Whether you’re working from home, [...]

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