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improve-hero1 400x265Noticing the traffic without getting stuck in it!

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more common in our conversations and buzz words for developing effective relationships in work.  I’ve loved the concepts for some time and could see loads of benefits but I wasn’t actually doing it.

To be honest, I didn’t know how.  That was until I found a handy app – Headspace – which provides guided meditation.  All of a sudden I started to realise the benefits and found myself much more mindful in my interactions.

How has it helped me – well the YouTube clip above is probably the best way to explain it!  Up until I started Headspace and training my mind, I was allowing my emotions to drive me.  That can be quite powerful sometimes but when you don’t have control over when the emotions take charge, it can sometimes mean others get a bit of a shock by your reaction.

Having just completed the Headspace trial I was recently in a meeting and I think my colleagues had a bit of a shock by my calm reaction!  Something was said that would usually ignite a strident debate but instead I just noticed the emotion.  Noticing it and not letting it drive me meant that I could ask more questions and really get to the bottom of the matter without a heated debate.

Give it a go yourself.  I wouldn’t recommend it without a completely free trial option… to help you experience it for yourself before you make any commitment.  How it works is in the clip below.