Online Learning Store

Free Online Learning During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Like everyone in the L&D world, we are working to provide more virtual options in these unprecedented times.  We have a few things we can offer “off-the-shelf” and they’re all listed here.

We’ve taken the decision as a business to make all of our pre-prepared digital resources free of charge for a limited time.  If you would like free access to these digital resources for you and your teams, please get in touch and we can arrange these for you.

We’re receiving a lot of interest in this, so if you would like to take advantage as well please contact us as soon as possible.  We’re creating more tailored & bespoke content for our clients on personal effectiveness, communication & influencing, virtual collaboration and remote management and obviously if you need tailored content, we’d be happy to help!

Our team of experts brings everything you need for great content: Human Resources, Organisational Psychology, Online Learning Development and people who love to make things as clear and simple as possible.

We use a range of videos, webinars and animation to bring our content to life.  And in most cases we provide step by step course guides which you are free to print and use in your everyday work.

Why Does it Work?

It’s taken a great deal of learning delivery to identify when and why individuals successfully grasp new concepts. And so every course has been designed according to the principles of a blended learning journey. This journey develops the four core elements of learning – Outcome, Mindset, Plan & Action.

At the risk of stating the obvious, great learning takes place when individuals are actively involved in learning. Sitting and listening to someone speak for hour after hour is not effective for so many reasons and we can achieve more in less time with some simple approaches to engaging people in the learning process.

On Demand

Because our content is all online, you get the learning you need, when and where you need it. Work at your own pace and take the courses as many times as you like.
No Travel

Traditional training can be long, tiring and involve a good degree of travel. Our courses can be delivered right into your home or workplace.