Mental Health Awareness Week

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3 Conversations with Lorna McCallum

The second instalment of Helen Frewin’s 3 Conversations interviews, as part of her book-writing journey, we’re joined by Lorna McCallum. No surprise, as a communications consultant, Lorna has a few things to say about good conversations!

Sharing her experiences in challenging conversations with her husband and with her dad, Lorna offers incredibly useful tips she has learnt along the way.

To prepare or not to prepare – seems to be something our interviewees have different perspectives on so far!

If you would like to get in touch with Lorna you can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn

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3 Conversations with Mark Smith

“I told my wife I was thinking of having an affair.”

In the first of Helen Frewin’s 3 Conversations interviews as part of her book-writing journey, Mark Smith is in the hot seat.

Sharing his experience of big scary conversations, little everyday chats and what he’s learnt about how to do all of this well – he certainly started big and scary with, “I told my wife I was thinking about having an affair.” A powerful example of the benefit of having a conversation before it is too late and a fascinating look at what we can learn from such challenging experiences.

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Totem Talks Episode 8: Toxic Masculinity

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme for this year is kindness. Mark Smith shares his personal mental health challenges and Helen Frewin quizzes him about how toxic masculinity can get in the way of some really good conversations, and our ability to be kind.

We were surprised that this ended up being a discussion as much about diversity and inclusion as it was about mental health….

And we realised how the language of “being open about mental health” might be the very thing holding men back. All with a fascinating debate about privilege in white middle class men too!

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