Our story starts with a totem pole & some coloured pens.

We’re a team of Business Psychologists: we’re focused just as much on the human element in a business, as we are the business itself.

100 plus years combined business experience has taught us that metrics, data and targets are fabulous if you’re a robot, but not if you’re alive and want to live well.

So we did something crazy and abandoned sales targets, the drive for money and the relentless focus on growth.

We want to be at our Best and we want those around us to be at their Best, it’s not just an exercise in semantics but the beginning of the belief that our words become our actions, our actions become our values and our values become our legacy.  And with out giving too much of our mojo away, we’ve distilled Best into these areas:

We’re focused on making a difference to people at work – with the wider aim of impacting life at home, in schools and everywhere else.

We find people who share our values and mission and work with them to identify their strengths and passions.  Then we step back, supporting them in doing what they do best.

This starting point of looking at things with a fresh perspective and focusing on people at their best has led to new ideas on how we recruit, develop and manage people – in our own team and for our clients.  Backed up by our research, we see the benefits of taking a more values-centred and positive approach to everything we do.

Now we’re building our community – a free, accessible forum for all to share ideas and be inspired by the latest thinking (or indeed the oldest thinking that we need reminding of) for people to be at their Best.

We want our legacy to be that people of all ages consider their lives, their purpose, values and how they can be at their best.  Finding their own totem, children and adults will be more successful – in whatever way they measure that success – and enjoy their lives and work.  It is through our growing community that we can begin to have that impact and allow others to grow it themselves.