Passionate about making a difference.

In 2007 we started life as Totem Limited.  The world didn’t shake, the skies didn’t tremble but quietly – we were very excited.  It’s a cliché we know, but we wanted to do something different.  Business in a different way.

It’s taken us a few roller coaster moments, but in early 2020 the company found itself successfully focussed on a few key areas of business and it had developed an appetite for corporate giving.  So over time, Totem Limited grew into something a little bigger, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Totem is the parent company of a group of subsidiaries, Totem Consulting, Totem Capital & the Totem Foundation.

Totem Consulting represents the core of our business activities and this website is dedicated to the work we do there.   But it’s now supported by Totem Capital, our venture capital & investment arm which is our way to connect with businesses and entrepreneurs, a vehicle that lets us share our money, time and skills with existing or emerging companies that would benefit from them.

The Totem Foundation is our happiest accident.  Long before Environmental, Social, and Governance matters shaped the decision making of corporate boards, our research lead us to an understanding of Best.  And some of the strongest behaviours that allow us to work at our Best are humility, stewardship and generosity.

Every year Totem commits to financial and non-financial giving through the Foundation, and this is arguably the most exciting area of the group’s work. Through this Foundation we select charitable partners to work with, giving time, expertise and financial contributions – helping national and international charities to achieve their aims.