Mentoring 2.0


What if development programmes are not the most helpful investment for under-represented groups? What better ways are there of challenging a system that has continued to promote tall, white, cisgender, [...]

Mentoring 2.02022-03-28T07:26:13-07:00

Self Awareness


Are you TOO self aware? A comment I hear on occasion when running Emotional Intelligence workshops or leadership development programmes, is: "I get that self-awareness is important, but I think [...]

Self Awareness2021-10-26T02:30:12-07:00

Hybrid Working


Leading teams between the office and remote locations The biggest, hottest topic for most of our clients right now is hybrid. Still. Because, even if you’ve already had the company [...]

Hybrid Working2021-10-26T02:29:51-07:00
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