develop-smallMaking change stick.

It’s worth remembering that all development is about behaviour change.  It’s not enough to say we learned something or we found something interesting, as when money is spent on development, the expectation is that there will be a shift in thinking, behaviour and results.

Even with things that might sound nebulous like personal impact or emotional intelligence workshops, there is an expectation that greater empathy and self-confidence will lead to greater impact in meetings and negotiations, leading to better results.

In order to learn, apply new skills and deliver evident behaviour change in the workplace we need to know how to overcome the obstacles to applying learning.

Our approach for designing and delivering development is to work with you to understand the specific change you want to see.

What will people be doing in future that they are not doing now?  What will people stop doing that they are currently doing?  We then shape a workshop, webinar, blended learning programme, skills video or whatever else you might need that might best deliver those outcomes.

Read more about our approach to each aspect here or get in touch so we chat through what you’re looking for and shape something with our favourite coloured pens!