bored-meeting-art-400x265Better Meetings.

Great meetings should be about giving teams the time and space to think – to uncover the vision you may all have in mind but have not explicitly agreed on, to develop the strategy and to put in place processes that make life easier.  Of course in reality meetings often feel like a waste of time, so we get called in to help.

Our inspiration for this comes from a whole range of sources – from mind management techniques like that of Steve Peters’ Chimp to core facilitation tools from Edward de Bono and Nancy Klein.

All of these sources have in common the focus on making time to think effectively by asking good questions, listening to responses, providing a structure to ensure we are all focused on the same thing and managing our emotions, fears and concerns in the process.

How often do we have time to think?  Time to reflect back over what we have achieved and what we’re aiming for?  How often do we get stuck in that rut of not having time to improve things because we’re so busy?

Our starting point is to understand where you are, what you’re looking to achieve and therefore how we can help.  It’s in these early conversations that we really get a sense of you and your business – and it gives you a chance to see if you like us too!