totem-coachOne to one development.

There are many definitions of coaching and many styles that are used across businesses.  We tend to find that the best approach is the one most appropriate for the client and the specific business need we have been asked to meet.

That said we could certainly describe our coaching as more challenging than simply listening as we see ourselves as there to drive results through the individual.

Like any good coach we start with understanding what is required by the business and the coachee, then we have a chemistry-check – usually a 90-minute session to discuss what the coaching is for, what each person can expect and then we make a start to allow the coachee to decide if this coach is right for them.  We often use skype and telephone coaching for convenience, but where some coachees prefer a face-to-face meeting we’ll do that too.

The outcomes each person and business gains from coaching are specific to their needs and wants, however overall what we see is that these benefits translate into tangible outcomes for the business – through individual and team performance.

Our coaching style is based on four principles: the creation of quality thinking space in which assumptions can be rigorously challenged; the focus on a performance led conversation where progress against deliverables can be measured; the application of relevant models and tools from current psychological research and practice to facilitate learning; and the sharing of insights and observations to enable quality reflection on behaviour and habits and as a result, drive change.

We work from a strength based approach, building on what is good to great in order to help people to flourish, to gain confidence and to sustain high performance more easily.