standing outDeveloping the people who lead your people.

Building the skills and confidence of managers and leaders, so that they can deliver high performance through their teams – that’s where we started out.  Our love of learning and development grew from seeing the cascading impact of developing great leaders.

You’ve only got to look at Gallup’s research on employee engagement to understand just how great a difference a good manager can make.  So what do we do in this area now?

Our understanding and indeed the research out there on what makes a great people manager, manager of managers, personal leader and strategic leader has grown exponentially.  With the introduction of neuroscience into our programmes as well we have been able to explain more of the why behind the great approaches that work so brilliantly.

Our design approach for each client is to take all this expertise and experience of what we know works well, then understand exactly what you need people to be doing.  It’s the good old question, “what do you want people to be doing that they are not doing now?”  Sometimes that’s just about feeling more confident as leaders and coping with the VUCA challenges of today’s world of work.

Often it is a combination of that confidence with everyday practical skills to shape a vision, role model company values and behaviours, have difficult conversations and drive high performance.  And behind all of that there is usually a requirement to explore a growth mindset and consider the research on what makes a great leader.

If you’re looking at your management and/or leadership development programmes and wondering how you can make things better, drop us a line.

We can help you understand what makes the difference in programmes that work and support you to deliver something right for your business.