engage-personal-impact1-400x265How do you engage and influence people?

Creating great first impressions, using charisma, holding a client’s attention and delivering clear messages are fundamental elements of convincing leadership.

Gravitas or personal impact is a balance of being able to build rapport with others and maintain authority regardless of status or context.  This involves identifying the micro-behaviours that people display and the impression they leave on others.

A key part of personal effectiveness is this self-awareness – understanding how to flex one’s own communication style in order to get the most from others, to manage conflict and to influence successfully.  For a whole heap more information on self awareness and emotional intelligence follow me…

Our expertise in personal impact will enable you to explore who you can be when:

  • you exude quiet confidence in the most nerve-wracking moments
  • you generate an immediate presence and impact when you stand up to pitch
  • you lead and influence your colleagues and clients with passion, authenticity and conviction

These qualities are best expressed by, and most often seen in, the acting profession and just as in any other industry, these skills are learned behaviours. We are experts in this field and run one to one coaching, small master-classes and in house training programmes in:

  • developing personal impact and personal brand
  • writing great business narratives that inspire an audience
  • building situational influence skills

We can help your people prepare for a key presentation or work with your sales teams to write a compelling pitch and rehearse them to deliver it as a high performing team. We can and do work with very senior executives, helping them to amplify their influence internally and client facing.