Stop.  Take a breath.  Take time to think.

Everyone’s busy – it’s the expected response to the question, “how are you?”  The question we might ask is are we busy doing the right things?

If you’re looking for a chance to focus everyone in the same direction and agree where you’re headed then we can help by facilitating your thinking, challenging assumptions and keeping you focused to agree a shared vision.

The words mission, vision, and values  hold very different meanings to different people.  Each obusiness must clarify what it means by each of these terms.

We do this using a combination of Six Thinking Hats, focused facilitation, summarising and techniques from accelerated learning to put together something that simply works for you.  We’re also particularly fond of using Strategy Maps, to find out more about this wonderful tool, follow me.

There are many ways to facilitate a group of people through a visioning process. Most of them are rich, often profound and always creative. The essential process is about marrying imagination and strategy – taking intuitive, creative and informed leaps into a possible, aspirational future.

Our starting point is to understand where you are, what you’re looking to achieve and therefore how we can help.  It’s in these early conversations that we really get a sense of you and your business – and it gives you a chance to see if you like us too!