hammerBuilt to order.

Whilst traditional training delivers some knowledge and at times some skill development, it rarely delivers the behavioural change in the workplace we’re looking for.

We design and deliver directly or through train-the-trainer, bespoke learning programmes for clients with three core values:

Blended Learning.  All learning styles are catered for and individuals are encouraged, through some structured guidance, to learn on-the-job, through others and through formal learning like reading and workshops – reflecting the 70:20:10 guidelines for learning.

Interactivity.  Workshops make use of accelerated learning techniques so the learning is far more memorable and individuals are actively engaged.  Every workshop includes a focus on ‘what next?’ and encourages each individual to identify and commit to follow up actions.

Application at Work.  This can involve a range of activities including coaching and action learning sets.  Where this has more impact is with the involvement of line managers, ensuring they are looking for the desired outcomes and providing support and challenge for learners in order to see tangible results.

What we find fascinating is that there is nothing different in the descriptions above from a load of other consultancies, yet clients tell us they get a different result working with us.  We’ve come to believe that’s down to our constant push to design content that is highly relevant and immediately applicable for the learner, whilst pushing delegates to try, review and keep trying.