Man asleep at the computerAre your people as engaged as they could be?

As might be clear from the clichés we hear daily such as “the only constant is change” and “everybody dislikes change” – there is clearly a lot of change going on, and a lot of challenges in delivering that change through people.

Measuring and improving employee engagement seems in many places to have become a focus on its own, separate from the business plan and specific objectives.  Our approach is to tie the two back together and deliver sustainable tools for managers to deliver better engagement every day.

Whether you’re introducing a new IT system, new processes for performance management or transformational change in vision, behaviour and structure across the business, you’re going to have some key things in mind.  What is the objective of this change?  What do we want to be different?  How will that affect our people?  What do we need them to be doing to meet the objectives?

Our role is to support you in answering these questions, then finding ways to engage your people, have them suggesting great ideas to deliver the change, and ultimately achieve your objectives.

We do this using your existing performance and engagement metrics or introducing tools to you if you need them.  As all such tools are designed to be the starting point for a conversation and action – we start there.

Depending on your specific aims, that might include focus groups with teams to explore how they can take personal responsibility for improving engagement, reporting to the Board on trends and recommendations, planning coaching groups for shared learning and reflection etc.

We all respond more positively to change when we’ve been involved up-front in the decision process – so that’s what we do in whatever way is most appropriate to your business and your change.