e38b9701-copyHelen Frewin – Professional Conference & Event Speaker.

“Engaging, inspiring and wonderfully practical” – Mark Hedberg, CAW

“Really holds the room” – Richard Chase, Connect

“Your enthusiasm and energy has given me the confidence to pursue my aspirations” – Iain Hunt, GVG

“Helen (is our) first call option for recruitment, people development and just about any H.R. issues for our own business and for all our clients. Helen is a regular and popular speaker for our coaching groups and conference. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and engagement are a rare thing. Brilliant and highly recommended. ” – Alan Robinson, Vet Dynamics

After dinner engagement, inspirational content for a conference, thought-provoking practical tips for a key event?  Helen consistently receives feedback like the quotes above – she is engaging, fun, practical and inspirational – always making what she says relevant to the wider context.  Talking from personal experience and sharing stories of where things have worked and where they haven’t, Helen translates robust theories and models into real everyday tips people can use right away.

What is the outcome you’re after?

There are plenty of speakers who can say something interesting and engaging.  Helen’s particular skill is in linking topics together – showing the relevance of a topic to wider messages that have been covered at a conference or event.  As with all of our business, Helen’s focus is on really understanding your company and event, what you’re looking to achieve and how she can support that.

What topics could be covered?

Helen is a Business Psychologist and author who has been operating within companies and as an external consultant in the field of talent management for over 10 years.  This gives a broad range of topics that can be covered, but her regular sessions are on:

  • Learning agility – what it is and how we can all get better at it
  • Potential – identifying and developing it
  • Positive psychology – making choices that make you better at what you do everyday
  • People management – simple, practical inspiration for getting the best out of your team

She’s also a passionate coach and her book Better than Confidence has been specifically written as a “coach in a book” toolbox to help you and other’s you might know address some of the myths surrounding confidence.  You can find out more at her website helenfrewin.com

What happens next?

We always start with a conversation – let us know what you’re looking for, the event you’re running and what support you would like – and if you’re still not sure, here’s our latest testimonial.

I wanted to add my personal note of thanks to Helen for her presentation at the conference earlier this month – the scores are in and this was the highest rated of any CIPFA conference.

91% of the survey respondents rated her session as excellent or good.

Thank you for making it the best we’ve ever delivered.

I do hope we are able to work with you again in the future.

Manj Kalar – CIPFA Central Government Conference