telling-400x265Story telling is often described as an Art.  But in truth it is a skill that can be developed.

It’s possible to develop the core skills behind this art, and these skills can have a dramatic impact on an individuals ability to communicate ideas in an inspiring and engaging way.

Something  that is incredibly useful for leaders and senior managers engaging wider audiences with their vision.  And equally helpful for sales teams aiming to engage their clients more powerfully.

Storytelling has become a bit of a buzzword in recent times.  But the skill of storytelling has been around for millennia.  By using a strong narrative arc that enables us to form pictures in our minds and feel emotions as the story unfolds, we become captivated.  And as we’re led to the conclusion of the narrative we begin to identify with the story and think ‘yes that sounds like me too’.

The key skills behind individuals with powerful Story Telling skills can be summarised as:

  • Using humour appropriately
  • Using personal insight
  • Making a point
  • Using an easily followed structure
  • Expressing results gained clearly
  • Comfort with their personal style

By telling powerful stories we are able to generate a greater understanding, empathy and reflection on the business issues we face.  This in turn drives a greater rapport, higher levels of trust and nurtures the relationship between those telling the story and those listening.

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