Giving great feedback, the quick way…

In a rush, but have a difficult conversation to have?

In this short quick tip explainer, we give you the basics on how to give feedback in less than 4 minutes.  You’ll be shown how to get your mind in the right place and given a simple but effective method for giving feedback.

We’ll walk you through the three components to good feedback, helping to address any tension or concern you may have when giving someone feedback.

And don’t forget, once you bought access to our Quick Tips videos you’ll be able to access them again and again in the future should you need a little refresher…

Below you’ll find our £2.99 explainer on feedback, but if you’d like a lot more information on feedback and the psychology and neuroscience behind the difficulties of giving and receiving feedback we have a full length “How To” video and download here.

Let us know if you any feedback!