The Totem Foundation

The Totem Foundation is a charitable foundation founded and funded by Totem Limited. Every year Totem commits to financial and non-financial giving through the Foundation.  We partner with CAF, who administer the Foundation and you can find out how this works here…

We believe we are called to listen, learn and understand the challenges individuals, communities and charities face in the struggle against all forms of poverty, and aim to provide inclusive support to all, where everyone is embraced, trusted and valued so that they can be their best selves.

The Foundation champions the value and need for civic responsibility, the arts, culture, heritage and science in the relief of all forms of poverty and we strive to ensure that opportunities exist in every community for creative exploration, learning and expression.

Our focus is on three areas where we can collectively make the greatest change happen from the impact of our funding, support, and resources.


Through grant making we seek to give direct relief to those in poverty or need, by reason of age, race, ethnicity, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.


Through our community outreach, education and civic advocacy, we work to promote the value of healthy communities by giving individuals within them the opportunity to learn, gain essential social skills, building relationships with them to help their communities overcome complex social issues.


We give a voice to the challenges individuals, charities, and communities face and are committed to making lasting, positive change happen. We aim to influence those with power locally and nationally to address the root causes and consequences of all forms of poverty.

The Foundations funds are fully subscribed to for the current financial year, but if you have a cause that you believe we could provide support to please get in touch.  We review our giving and fund raising every six months and always welcome new applications, even if we are unable to process them straight away.