Everyone wants a high performing team, right?

So where do we start?  How can we build our existing team into a high performing team?

Some of the classic guidance out there sounds good on paper (or on screen in this case), but how do you really put all that into practice?

We’ve taken all of the expertise that we share in our management and leadership development programmes with regards to team-building, communication and ways of working, and put the top tips into this great learning summary for you.

Specifically this video and accompanying workbook will show you how to:

  • Understand the strengths each person brings to your team – the benefits and drawbacks of these and how you can build a diverse team that works well together
  • Clarify the goals you’re working towards, so that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction
  • Agree ways of working or a code of conduct, then hold people accountable for delivering that
  • Run more effective team meetings, helping people think productively and save time
  • Start with you – looking at your ability to receive and give feedback, so that you can lead a great team

Have a sneak peak here:

Our focus is on explaining the theory behind what works and why, then showing you how to do it.  We provide you with the questions to ask and guidance on how to share all of this with your team.

That’s our first top tip – you can’t do this on your own!  Many team leaders make the mistake of thinking they need to come up with all the answers then present a finished idea to their teams.  This usually has the opposite effect to the one people hoped for – switching people off and leading to even less clarity on things.  Involve your team in working towards becoming a high performing team – it’s their work after all!

Who is this for?

We’ve designed this content to be suitable for any team – from a small team working on a one-off project, to a larger team working together full-time.  The same principles apply across team size, focus, industry and make-up, so if you’re leading a team or you’re a member of a team and you want it to perform better, have a watch.  You’ll learn practical tips on helping your team work together more effectively.

Let us know if you any feedback!

And here’s the guide for you to download.