A detailed look at how to give feedback…

Here we explain the art of giving feedback in a little more detail using psychology, neuroscience and business research.

If it’s an emergency and you’re in a bit of a rush, our “Quick Tips” on feedback will show you how to quickly have the feedback conversation you might be dreading.

We’ve put our expertise into simple clear steps everyone can follow when giving feedback, using our tried and tested Outcome, Mindset, Plan & Action methodology.

The usual outcome we want when giving feedback is for something to change.  But this begs the question – why?  If we can get clear on this simple question we’ll make some great progress towards giving confident, constructive feedback.

Check out our trailer for a tiny bit more information…

So how do I tell someone their attitude is causing problems?  How do I tell someone their work is not good enough?  How can I get my colleague to change the way they work?

For the full monty on how to give great feedback you’ll need to watch out How To Give Feedback Explainer for only £7.99

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