social-mediaA summary of HR & Social Media from our recent walkabout to the CIPD conference.

Having spoken to a lot of people at the CIPD Annual Conference last week who were disappointed to have missed certain sessions, I thought I’d share summaries of those I went to…

“Social media is an opportunity to amplify your leadership message.  If you’re not there, perhaps your message is dampened.”

This quote from Nokia’s Matthew Hanwell really sums up the spirit of this session.  Rather than trying to control use of this new medium, we are far better to embrace the fact that this is where people are going.

The speakers from Nokia and Random House emphasised the benefits of using social media for business.  For example Nokia has project groups set up on its own internal facebook-style platform, so rather than having to search through email trails to find recorded progress and issues on projects, it is all in one place.  This has made communication more effective and efficient.

Neil Morrison, HR Director for Random House, talked about the value to him personally of sharing his views with the social media world, receiving feedback and gaining further ideas.  This is a great network for all professionals to be keeping in touch with thought leadership and shared goals or concerns.


This comment from a fellow delegate summed up where social media currently sits within the HR mindset – “I thought they’d talk about the issues and how we can control the use.  I’m really pleasantly surprised.”

A comparison was drawn to the fears we had when email was introduced, and even to when the telephone landline was first introduced to the workplace. Ultimately in spite of all our fears and wants to control usage, the telephone and email have stuck and become a critical part of daily business.

How will social media become a part of daily business?  How are we embracing that now in our organisations?


  • Social media is here to stay – the numbers show this is not a fad
  • Our focus on controlling use of it is quite pointless – like trying to control what people say or email to their friends and peers
  • Embracing social media and using it to benefit our business is the most useful response and offers great benefits to individuals and the organisation

Further Reading

If you’re on twitter, you can follow @neilmorrison and @matthew_hanwell to keep track of their views.

If you’re not on twitter, give it a go, or search for HR blogs and see what useful ideas you gain from the experience.

Register at and have a look at a user guide.

You can also read Neil’s own blog reflections on the session and how it really all comes down to trust.