Kriss AkabusiLearning from a Legend

I recently had the privilege of joining a client’s annual conference at the ICC in Birmingham and seeing Kriss Akabusi give a motivational speech, perfectly aligned to the company’s vision and strategy.

Kriss kept on repeating the need for passion, pride and a can-do attitude as he told stories of his life and prompted us all to be an inspiration for others.

Here were his big messages…

I believe in you

Has anyone ever said those immortal words to you? Have you ever said them to anyone? Imagine the impact we can have on our families, friends and colleagues when we tell them we believe in their potential.  Who could you go to today and say “I believe in you”?

What does ‘success’ mean?

Roger Black totally transformed Kriss Akabusi’s way of thinking.  Before Roger, Kriss always thought of going to the Olympic games as a great success.  Then Roger came along and asked what the world record was.  He wanted to win, and win big.  What do you define as success?  What could be a totally different view that might change your thinking?  Could you dream bigger, or even dream a different dream altogether?  Who could challenge you to think differently?  And who could you challenge to redefine success?

We’ll cross the line together

If you weren’t there to remember it, you’ve probably seen footage of the amazing and heartbreaking moment Jim Redmond joined his son Derek on the race track.  Derek Redmond was all set to break the World Record when his hamstring snapped in the third race.  His definition of success suddenly transformed… Now instead of the world record, all he wanted to do was cross the line.  Father Jim raced to his son’s side to tell him he didn’t have to do this, but Derek was set on it, he had to cross the line. “OK son,” Jim said, “we’ll cross the line together.”

When things get really tough, what would it mean for you to get alongside your family, friends or team, and cross the line together?  Are there people you know who could do with that support right now?  How could you help?

A great speaker, and a brilliant message.  And one final thought – Kriss put up a challenge for us all…

The past is for reference, not for residence.