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Why are we running open programmes online?

For ten years, we have consistently been asked by our corporate workshop delegates, “how can I get more?” Whether it’s that this particular delegate wants more, or that they want to share the experience with their friends and colleagues outside of the company. Here are a few recent comments from delegates on our workshops:

“My partner could really do with confidence-building, is there any way they can contact you for support, as their company doesn’t offer learning and development.”

“My old company never offered training and my colleagues there are so in need of what you offer. How can they benefit from your work?”

“I want to build other skills that are not offered by my company. Do you run open programmes I can book on myself?”

We have therefore wondered for a long time about running open or public events, where anyone from any company or none can sign up, with a cost that is not prohibitive to the personal budget. And now with the world having moved online, it seems like the best time to launch, with our Summer Programme of live events.

Limited to 12 places per session, so that each delegate gets personal attention from our facilitator, Business Psychologist Helen Frewin, these events are intimate and inspiring. You’ll have the chance to talk about your personal challenges, know that you are not alone, and gain guidance from Helen and other delegates on next steps.

Immediately after purchasing the ticket, you will receive your paypal receipt. Then within 24 hours we will send you details on how to join the session and what you can prepare, in order to get the most from the workshop. This will generally include personal reflection questions and on occasion, watching a TED Talk on YouTube.

During the session you will receive teaching, time for personal reflection, sharing experiences, challenges and advice with other delegates and practical tips and actions to take away. After the session you will receive follow-up materials, which could be a journal, workbook or content from the session as a refresher.

“But I don’t feel confident networking with strangers, I’d rather just listen in to the content.”

This is part of the developmental experience. By stepping out of your comfort zone, discover the power of connecting with new people, realising you are not alone in your fears and anxiety and benefit from a new support network.

You are not forced to have your camera on, but you will be asked to contribute in the chat box and over audio, so that you can discuss challenges and share advice and tips based on your experience, with other delegates.

Each session will have a slightly different format, but all will include some teaching from Helen, sharing experiences in the chatbox, getting into small breakout groups online to discuss specific content, sharing outputs from those discussions back with the whole group and having time for personal reflection and action planning.

You will need to download the Zoom app to your device, which is a quick process. We recommend setting up your device at least an hour before the session, so that you can contact us if you experience any issues.

Whilst you can attend these sessions on your smartphone, the experience is much better on a laptop or tablet. These larger devices give you space to see the facilitator, the slides and the chat box. So ideally please join on a laptop or tablet.

Ideally you will have a video camera, microphone and speakers, so that you can engage fully in the session. As mentioned above, you are under no obligation to have your video on, so if you do not have a webcam or prefer not to turn on your video, that’s fine. You will however need a microphone and speakers.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the technology.