Feeling stuck?  Maybe you know where you want to get to, but you’re going around in circles.

Or maybe you haven’t worked out yet what direction you want to take.

1:1 coaching gives you the thinking space and time to make progress. To work out what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.

Our coaching approach is more challenging than simply listening, as we share observations, play back your thinking, offer ideas and help you find solutions to whatever problems lie before you.

Like any good coach we start with understanding what is required: what do you want to gain from this? Then we have a chemistry-check – usually a 15-minute telephone call to discuss what the coaching is for, what you can expect and dive in so that we can both sense-check the fit.

The fee is calculated based on the level of expertise and preparation required from our coach, in line with your objectives. The cost per 90-minute session varies from £150 – £450 + VAT.

Most of our clients opt for a programme of 6 sessions over 6 months, but the number of sessions and the payment plan can be built to suit you.

The best people to ask about the benefits of coaching are our previous clients:

“Life-changing” – Fiona, HR Business Partner.

“Not only have I become better at influencing and getting things done at work, my family see the difference too.” – Matteus, Senior Manager.

“I wanted a coach because I wasn’t sure where to take my career next. What I gained was a whole new life perspective.” Flora, Charity Administrator.

“This has helped me more than anything else, in preparing for my step up into this role.” – Neil, CEO.