Bunte FilzstifteHow we do what we do.

The inspiration for our work comes from a whole range of sources – from neuroscience and mind management techniques like that of Steve Peters to core facilitation tools from Edward de Bono and Nancy Klein.

Then we ask the brilliant question, “how exactly can that work in practice?”

Getting to know each business we work with, the culture, the team we’re joining and the overall goals, we can then propose solutions that fit.

Obviously, the coloured pens help a lot too!  We shape ideas on paper with each client, bringing together our knowledge and experience from other projects and the best practice out there, to review what might work best for this challenge in this context.

Clients tell us they love how tailored that approach is and how often it comes down to the simplest way of doing things.  Best practice might sound good, but it’s rare that you can just take an idea and plug it into an organisation.  We take the expertise out there to help build something that feels designed by you, for you.