DC1Selection process design.

A successful recruit into a Branch Manager position is critical for Dixons Carphone, so they want to get the process right.

After years of development of a competency framework, selection process and leadership centre to assess suitability for the role – which had been working well, something now wasn’t quite right.  The business had changed and the assessment process needed to reflect this.

Working in partnership with the resourcing team and various operators, we identified what aspects were missing or under-emphasised in the selection process, then tweaked the design to better reflect the new needs of the business.

The result was a revised assessment centre structure and exercises – with all the materials designed ready for use.

The effect was immediate: Operators could see that they were assessing external candidates more accurately and the resourcing team gained buy-in for the process they had introduced.

A unique aspect we introduced was an automated scoring process, so that objective, best practice assessments could be translated into an auto-report for candidates and recruiting managers.  This was a great time saver and improved the quality of feedback for candidates.

Testimonial from Laura Barnes, Resourcing Manager:

I’d definitely recommend working in partnership with Totem – I say partnership, as this is exactly how they operate. They seize every opportunity to learn more about your business and by doing so are able to support projects with this insight, often going above and beyond the original scope.

In our Branch Manager leadership centre project our aim has been to create a robust selection centre that is aligned to business objectives. Totem have been instrumental on this journey, supporting us to continually evolve our process along with the evolution of our business and feedback from both candidates and internal stakeholders clearly shows we’ve successfully hit the mark. Not just that, they’ve been able to take elements from wider projects they’re supporting us with internally to improve efficiencies and most importantly cost!

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are we to recommend Totem to others?  I’d definitely say 10!

Finally, I’d definitely want to work with Totem on further projects. They know us so well (basically an extension of our Resourcing Team!) and therefore are able to offer the best possible solutions. Likewise, they always deliver on our exceptionally tight timescales at a high standard.