Totem-Challenge 400x265How to get the most out of your team.

When you think about performance management, it’s likely that appraisals, objectives, reviews and even disciplinary meetings come to mind. There is a lot that comes before all of that which can greatly help in getting the most out of people.

Work out what you want

What do you want to gain personally from working at the practice – financial security? The knowledge that you have provided a great service to the community? What’s in it for you? Why is that important to you? Being clear on all of these things is a critical starting point because it means you have something to fall back on.

Totem Lollipops

On the days when it all gets too much, at the times when you can’t remember why you do this, you’ll have this reflection to recall and know why you’re there. Plus it means you now have something meaningful to share with your team. If it’s meaningful to you, you can make it meaningful to others.

Tell others what you want & make it personal

So once you know what you want, you’ll want your people on board to help you get there. And the best news is, your team will have a lot in common with you in terms of goals. There may be differences, and as we tend to emphasise differences, it’s easy to only recognise these. Give this a go:

  • Explain to someone what you want, your goals for the practice and your life
  • Ask them what they want, their goals for work and life
  • Look for the similarities and ask them what commonalities they can see too
  • Ask them how working towards your goals will also help them achieve their goals

Agree the way forward

What’s the plan? How are you and your team going to achieve what you have agreed you want from work and life? Now you’re clearer on what each person wants, work together to agree how you can get there.

Only now can you really even consider what we would usually call performance management – review meetings / appraisals / progress against objectives etc. You have just agreed what you will all be measured against, so you can have relevant and valid review meetings that everyone has signed up for.

You’ve just created an approach to reviewing performance, without all the usual heavy paperwork.