000_012_discovery-lpCelebrating our differences.

The Insights Discovery Profile is an incredibly practical personal development tool which paints a detailed picture of how we work and come across to others.

Celebrating the uniqueness of each person, the profile illustrates how recognising and valuing differences can empower individuals, teams and entire organisations.

Using Carl G Jung’s typology, Insights Discovery Personal profiles offer a framework for self-understanding and development, it describes aspects of your personality from your strengths to your blind spots, your decision making to your learning style, how you sell, to how you manage people.

These personality types are represented by a simple and memorable colour system, which at its simplest identifies four groups or quadrants. In the Insights system they are called Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue.

All of us will have one of these ‘colour energies’ as our dominant, preferred style of thinking, working and interacting with others.

Insights Discovery is an extremely useful tool in improving interpersonal effectiveness. Apart from the user-friendly system, another strength is its focus not only on knowing yourself but also on recognising others, adapting your style, and connecting accordingly.  It’s a great step in developing emotional intelligence and personal impact.

The Insights Discovery Profile is not a stand-alone report. We often use it as the basis for a Customer Service Programme, Leadership Development, Management Development, Sales Training, and very often on large change programmes.

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