odin-full-pngDiscovering natural potential.

What comes easily to you?  What have you always been good at?  What can you do with your eyes closed?  How much easier is it when we are working in line with these natural strengths?  We certainly get more done and it is often more satisfying.

Now imagine there are other things you could quickly develop so they do come easily, you can become good at and do with your eyes closed.

The ODC (Odin Development Compass) helps you to focus your efforts on those things that come more naturally – whether you are currently aware of them or not.   In doing that you can also identify what behaviours or skills you have historically worked hard at to be good at them.

The ODC gives us something different because it taps into the unconscious to reveal our true self – rather than being limited by conscious self-reporting and language interpretation as in traditional questionnaires.

We have used many different personality profiling tools over the years and what has always struck us is the limiting factor of these tools being self-report.  Personality is by its very nature a combination of many things, including who we really are, how we behave at work, how we think others want us to be – and not all of that is a conscious choice.

Traditional questionnaires use language to help us understand personality. The ODC however uses images and words used in combination to help us to understand both the unconscious and the conscious elements of personality, behaviour and potential.  We love using this tool because all of that gives a depth of insight that is rare with profiling tools.

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