apa-logo-300dpi-largeA modern approach to an age old business challenge.

The Alchemy Performance Assistant system gives managers much needed on-the-job access to critical information. The content is intensely practical, without the padding and fluff you often find in many business books.

People who are using this online toolkit have found it valuable when needing to provide support to a wide group of managers and also as a support resource following training.

This online toolkit provides support for managers who need immediate information to help them deal with a demanding issue or situation.

If you’ve ever had a burning management question or you’re dealing with a particular management issue and looking for guidance on it, the Alchemy Performance Assistant allows you to easily search for key topics and save time finding that all important information.  Each topic has been written by a working expert – someone who not only knows their subject inside out, but who spends their working life advising individuals and organisations on this same content.

For the best indication of how this works you can visit them here.

Once you have seen the usefulness of this toolkit, you can buy access for one manager or benefit from bulk discounts by providing access for hundreds of managers in your organisation.