talentq_logo_transparentRobust, straightforward and accessible.

Inspired and developed by Roger Holdsworth (who previously co-founded SHL), Talent Q offer leading edge online psychometric testing and a new way of applying assessment to talent management.

They have a robust, straightforward and accessible portfolio of assessments that offer unbeatable value for clients and a great candidate experience.

Talent Q  provide personality and competency-based assessments, designed to ensure that a candidate’s competencies and personal qualities fit with that of the employing organisation. As with all personality questionnaires, there are no right or wrong answers; they assess your preferences in the workplace and suggest your competencies based on these preferences.

How is Talent Q different from other psychometric tests?

The tests created by Talent Q can be thought of as second-generation psychometric tests. The team took what they had learned from creating specific psychometric tests and looked to bring that together with developments in computer technology, to enhance and develop the assessment space by developing new and responsive tests.

Talent Q tests are different from many traditional psychometric tests in a number of ways; The same test can be used to generate a wide range of different reports, reducing the need to re-assess candidates regularly. This saves both time and money.

The way that Talent Q tests present information can look different to other (perhaps more familiar) psychometric tests. For example, they tend to show more irrelevant data that the candidate needs to sift through to be able to answer the question.

And this is what amazes us the most, they are responsive to the candidate’s ability levels, and a candidate’s response to a question will determine the difficulty of the next question they receive – which in itself is not that impressive, but doing it whilst maintaining validity and satisfying the BPS’s standards certainly is!

You can find out more about Talent Q and the Hay Group here.