assess-assessment-design1-400x265Designing the tools for brilliant assessment.

Assessing may be for selection or development purposes. The key is to use clear, fair and objective measures to assess individuals.

We use straightforward, clear assessment techniques to fairly and consistently assess people. This can include off-the-shelf tools such as psychometrics and/or bespoke designed tools and exercises for the business and the specific roles.  In all cases we ensure the evaluation or assessment is clearly linked to the role, straightforward to follow and provides helpful insights about each person.

Traditionally an interview is used to work out whether someone is the right person for a job or doing a good job. Using that alone can leave you open to a host of factors that might stop you from making the right decision – for example, is it just because you like them? Are they just good at interviews?

There are a host of techniques available and using an appropriate combination can vastly improve the effectiveness of any selection or development assessment.  Enabling you to find the right candidate from a sea of potentials.

Effective assessments should give a clear return on any investment made.  Research indicates that the value of a selecting an appropriate individual for a role is equivalent to 18 months of their salary.  In addition to any financial benefits, ensuring accurate and fair assessment also enhances the experience of participants and in turn their view of the organisation.

We initially spend time understanding the role so we can understand the factors that are critical for success. This helps us to identify and design the most appropriate assessment tools.

We can provide trained, experienced assessors to support you on centres and interviews if that would help.  Or more often we’re asked to provide assessor training to help organisations deliver their selection processes in-house.  We’re also asked to take existing assessment processes and work out how to make them better, more suitable for a shorter centre, or more feasible for a 1:1 scenario.

Come to us with what you have and we’ll see how we can help.  For more information, we’ve put together this recruitment guide, and this assessment guide.