chocolate-boxWhat do you need a new hire to bring to the team?

One of the challenges with recruiting is the human tendency to like people like us.  We can therefore often end up recruiting the same kind of person over and over – and end up with significant gaps in the team.  Or we might have seen a team build over time after various restructures and now we’re looking at the team unsure of its strengths and gaps.

Depending on exactly what you’re looking for and whether you want to double up a gap analysis with a team-building opportunity, we can run team workshops, 1:1 feedback sessions, analysis of team profiles and follow-up learning and development – or a combination that suits your needs.

By exploring strengths, points of stress and areas of potential – you’ll be able to fully understand and maximise team strengths, and find ways to close or minimise gaps.  We can also advise on assessment tools you could use to select against the specific gaps you need to fill in the team.