Abstract color metro schemeNavigate the mine field of mapping talent.

Many talent management processes focus on senior leadership positions, rightly so as we need to succession plan for these critical roles.  But are they the only critical roles?  Do we have a clear map of the most difficult to develop for jobs and an idea of how we’re managing that risk.

Our critical role mapping allows you to see where there are roles extremely important to business success and equally difficult to develop people towards – helping you prioritise effort for succession planning.  We do this through interviews, focus groups and our critical role analysis grid to give you recommendations on where needs are and next steps.

The benefit of being independent of any specific model or product is that we can take the best ideas out there, add our own thought leadership, and see what works best for your company.  You can get a glimpse of this in this overview of the models of potential: link to webinar on potential models.

Our starting point is always to understand where you are, what you’re looking to achieve and therefore how we can help.  It’s in these early conversations that we really get a sense of you and your business – and it gives you a chance to see if you like us too.