totem-psyTaking a closer look.

The main criticism of selection tools is that what a candidate tells you during an interview, may not be the best insight into the reality of working with them.  This is why many companies use psychometric tools: standardised assessments of ability, style or personality that give a different insight into a person.

We partner with a wide range of psychometric providers but how do you decide whether to use these tools – and if so, which one(s)?

The most critical thing is your role profile.  Once you know what you’re looking for, you can decide on the best assessment tools.  As an example, many companies describe the type of person that will fit in their organisation, so a personality profile may give you a sense of someone’s style and ways of working.  That could be useful in considering how well their preferences match the rest of the team.

Equally for a role that will involve a high level of verbal reasoning skill, you might want to use a psychometric test on that ability, to see who will be well suited to the role.

We’ve used a wide range of psychometric tools over the years, and the joy of being independent is that we can use any tool out there, that meets your business need and has been robustly designed.

Have a chat with us about what you’re wanting to achieve and we can advise on the different tools out there that might be most useful.