frameworkWhat’s the big talent picture?

How do you run your talent management processes?  Is there a link between recruitment and succession planning?  Is there a check and balance between the workforce planning completed with the Exec and the individual manager getting budget sign-off for two new heads?

How is there follow-through from external recruitment to induction, development, talent mapping and developing potential?

A talent framework can be the big picture overview of how this all works, or you might break it down into chunks.  One of our clients has a recruiting framework that is separate to the succession planning framework.  Other clients have it all flowing in together, from organisation design processes through to talent spotting skills workshops for managers.

If you’re wanting help with that big picture, this definitely calls for a big sheet of paper and some coloured pens.  We’ll help you shape it, consider the best practice out there on what works well, manage the risks and blockers to a good process and find something that works for you.

Often this is no quick fix, it’s a case of building something over time and getting each stage working whilst making quick fixes to other aspects along the way.  As your sounding board partner, we can help you keep focused and stay on track to get where you want to be.

Contact us for a chat through where you are now and where you want to get to – or if you’re not sure yet, we can share ideas with you on what a few of the options are.