xsmallFinding your future leaders.

Ever since the McKinsey paper The War for Talent was published in 1997, organisations have struggled with the idea of finding and keeping hold of their top talent.

That may not mean talent in terms of future leadership potential in all organisations, but that’s the most common interpretation.  Our starting point with businesses wanting to spot their top talent is of course to explore what talent means to you.

When you talk about finding high potentials, we’ll ask, “potential for what?”

Based on that definition and of course all the research out there on the indicators of talent and potential for leadership or more strategic challenges – see an overview here – we’ll help you define a way of spotting talent.

This can be built into succession planning processes, interviews for internal and external candidates and of course guidance for managers in spotting top talent in their teams.  We can build all of those processes for you or work with what you already have.

If you’re getting stuck on the question of how to define, spot and assess potential or talent, drop us a line and we’ll help you navigate through it.