tools1On Demand Tools & Training

Over the years we’ve acquired quite a bit of expertise working with clients who simply want an off the shelf solution to the challenge they face.

We’ve found it was in our clients interest – and therefore in ours – for us to remain an independent, but well connected user of a range of different tools and training packages.

In general, we work with two main tool types, psychometric’s and e-learning.

We’re qualified in the use of a number of different psychometric’s and because of our independence were able to recommend to you the best product for your particular situation.

We’ve also had a lot of experience developing content for E-Learning and online based learning systems.  What we have discovered in recent times is the use of online learning has exploded and many more clients are approaching us to integrate our expertise into their digital learning platforms.

But just in case you don’t have the budget to host your own LMS – let us do it for you!

We’re able to deliver some of our expertise directly to you and over the next several weeks and months we’re going to be releasing a series of online training courses and On-Demand digital services specifically designed to cater for those without their own learning platforms.

What’s truly fabulous is that our content is designed for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, making our learning available anytime, anywhere.