What exactly is unconscious bias? Put simply, it’s the decisions that we make every day – on an unconscious basis – in relation to other people.

Based on our gender, ethnicity, genetics, upbringing, education and so many other factors, our brains are wired in different ways. And the tricky thing with different brain patterns is that we tend to like our own, because we only know our own ways of thinking and working. Our minds are perfect echo chambers, everyone who thinks differently – more often than not we think of as wrong, misguided or weird.

In the broader context of the recent resurgence is the Black Lives Matter movement we feel that globally, we are all being challenged to sit up and take notice of our own biases, the systemic racism around us and to make real and lasting change.

In this podcast, Mark Smith and Helen Frewin describe their upbringing and the influence of race upon their unconscious biases, their response to recent developments and how they plan to contribute to a future free from racism.

As mentioned in the podcast, Mark has been particularly moved by the work of Dr Laura Morgan Roberts, a consultant and researcher on the science of maximising human potential in diverse organizations and communities.

You can find out more about the workshops Laura runs and the book she helped write below: