solutionHow to be a change agent or a catalyst for change within your business.

Every change you try to implement within your business, whether large or small, will require one or more change agents.  A change agent is anyone who has the skill and power to stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate the change effort.

The success of any change effort depends heavily on the quality and workability of the relationship between the change agent and the key decision makers within the business.

Change agents can be internal, such as managers or employees who are appointed to oversee the change process.  And for just a smidgen more information on how to be effective as an internal change agent follow me

But quite often they are external, these ‘outsiders’ are not bound by the firm’s culture, politics, or traditions. Therefore, they are able to bring a different perspective to the situation and challenge the status quo.

However, because external change agents lack an understanding of the company’s history, operating procedures, and personnel, to offset their limited familiarity with the business external change agents are usually paired with an internal business partner.

This download is designed to highlight the key characteristics a successful change agent will possess , as well as some hints and tips to develop your skills as a change agent.