gravitas1By Caroline Goyder

Goyder’s background is theatre performance and psychology and this is a unique foundation from which to explore gravitas and personal impact. It explores all aspects of personal impact, from your mindset through to your physicality, energy and vocal tone.

It looks at personal impact across a range of settings: pitching, senior stakeholder meetings, TV interviews and media and is full of practical, useful ways to consciously develop your gravitas – in a way that is authentic to you.

There are 2 fascinating aspects to this book, at least to us anyway!

  1. Roots and Wings: The notion of ‘having roots’ physically (in terms of posture and stance) and psychologically (values, integrity) and ‘having wings’ (being flexible in your thinking and flexing your vocal tone, language, gesture to build rapport)
  2. Two types of time, Chronos and Kairos

Chronos refers to chronology, structure and invites us to think abut our ‘intention’ with for example a particular meeting, and how being clear on this develops our gravitas.

Kairos, refers to the moment of time, and invites us to think about our ‘attention’ in the meeting – if we’re distracted by what we haven’t said, if we’re waiting to work out when to interrupt, we’re not fully present, and we give away our gravitas.

What’s the one thing that will stick with us after reading this book?  That personal impact is a performance that you can direct for positive effect on your audience, if you bring mindfulness to it – you have to be conscious of it, everyday, because everyone else is. And the return on this investment is significant – you will better influence and build your reputation.