Are you TOO self aware?

A comment I hear on occasion when running Emotional Intelligence workshops or leadership development programmes, is:

“I get that self-awareness is important, but I think I’m too self-aware!”

When I explore more with the person about what they mean, the response is consistent. It seems that for some of us, the endless reflection on “why did I say that?!” and “I can’t believe I didn’t say XYZ!” leaves us feeling hyper self-aware, and super rubbish.

I can totally relate to that.

The more time I spend reflecting on something it seems, the worse I feel.

Until of course, I remember the wisdom of Dr Tasha Eurich, author of the incredible book Insight: : Move from “why” questions to “what” questions.

This article, courtesy of Euka Hagen and Psychology Today is a great summary of Tasha’s advice and a useful story of how it comes to life.  You can find the article below: