mba2The Idea: Educate yourself…

An MBA at a top school is an enormous investment in time, effort and cold, hard cash. And if you don’t want to work for a consulting firm or an investment bank, the chances are it simply isn’t worth it.

Josh Kaufman is the rogue professor of modern business education. Feted by everyone from the business media to Seth Godin and David Allen, he’s torn up the rulebook and given thousands of people worldwide the tools to teach themselves everything they need to know.

Instead of spending thousands of pounds and a lot of time completing an MBA, which may be run by academics and be frankly out of touch with what really works in business – read books and articles which give you the insights you need to actually be successful.

This book summarises the critical things you need to know to start, lead and grow a successful business – in easy to understand language.

The Action

Demystify business strategy and expertise so that everyone can understand what we’re talking about. It needn’t be complex to talk about why we do what we do as a business, what we sell, to whom, why they buy it and how we make money.

From there you can explore ways to improve things, choose where to focus your attention and clarify what that means you need to stop doing as well. Read this book for a clear outline of the critical things you need to know about business.