News for the New Year!

The Totem Foundation has hit the ground running in 2023 and we’ve got a full slate already – we couldn’t be happier!

We’re going to be working with some truly gifted and inspirational individuals and organisations this year, and we’ll give them a full and proper introduction when the time comes but as a sneak peak…

We’re sponsoring the fabulous Rachel Hammond and her one-woman show about being a sibling to someone who’s autistic; giving a voice to young people with responsibilities of care.

Later in the year the man, the myth, the legend Stuart Wood will be working in partnership with us to deliver his Meet The Beasts, bringing animals to you for up-close, hands-on, reptile & minibeast activities that help you understand & face your fears, conquer them & grow in confidence.

(And before this list gets too long for a single post.)

Kapow. Linden Dance everyone. Linden Dance Company are currently rehearsing Unconsciously You, an Afro-Contemporary multidisciplinary dance duet exploring unconscious bias, challenging biases on gender and race, aimed at family audiences, specifically targeting the 11–25 year age range.

Awesome right?

PS.  If we’ve not tagged the owners of these photo’s correctly please get in touch, it’s a gaffe on our part and we’ll happily correct it!