Building the delivery team.Discovery_Channel_2009

Discovery Networks International has grown rapidly through acquisitions, so the need for leadership development across all the populations now included under the group is high.

With a small UK and international L&D team and a growing number of leaders all over the globe, Discovery needed more people in the delivery team.

We were asked to support with a review of the leadership programme content, to help create a more blended learning journey and then join the team of facilitators who could roll this out across the globe.

On the back of this initial piece of work, we have also become a partner to support on wider projects including:

  • Employee engagement survey focus groups and follow up
  • Facilitation of team away days
  • Design of online learning modules and webinars to support business change

There’s no doubt that this approach of working together as an extended part of the team works well for both the client and us.  We understand the organisation better, we get the culture and speak the language of the people there so we fit right in.

That means working together is easier, it’s quicker for us to get up-to-speed with things because we know the business and we can deliver better results, making the HR and L&D teams’ lives easier.

Testimonial from Jen Wrigley, International L&D Manager, Discovery Networks International

It’s really important to me to have a few things right when working with a partner.  I need to see that they have credibility at senior levels but can still connect with more junior levels and make things accessible.

I need to experience their facilitation and coaching approach to know they will engage our learners’ hearts and minds and can flex to respond to what’s needed in the moment. Finally, I need to have trust in them that if something isn’t right or could be better then they will work collaboratively with us to resolve this.

Totem have impressed me on every one of these things plus they are a joy to work with, so I would highly recommend them to others!